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' emotional and powerful work'
'...I was blown away by Enas...'
'immersive and intense...'
Bushra El-Turk’s opera is at once aesthetically intelligent and culturally engaged...Silk Moth” was the most significant debut overheard by this journalist in 2015... a necessarily intense musical and dramatic experience...a well-wrought piece of composition, powerfully performed.’         
- Jim Quilty, Beirut Daily Star
' left me speechless...'
Every year an estimated 5000 women worldwide are murdered by their own families in so-called honour killings, 12 of them in the UK.
'Silk Moth' places onstage a mother. This one-woman performance raises powerful questions: What is her role in this horrific 'tradition'?
Is she a victim, submissive, or coldly complicit?
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